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Should You Get Your Mom Some Weed This Mother’s Day, 2020?

May 9, 2020

Thinking of getting mom something a little different this year? Is your momma a Cannabis enthusiast? Or just beginning to consider the idea of trying weed? Either way, we’ve compiled a list of our top Cannabis containing products at the weed store to get Mom this Mother’s Day 2020! Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and this year, nothing says stay-at-home and on-the-couch like a bag of weed, a pot bath bomb, or an infused decadent chocolate bonbon. Check out our list below! If pre-ordering online, make sure to double check your store location before placing your order for pick-up.


CERES – CBD Body Bliss Gel

ceres body bliss gel mothers day 2020

Body Bliss Gel quickly reaches deep muscle, tissue, and joints and provides long lasting relief. Researchers have developed a formula based on natural plant aloe that moisturizes skin while it quickly absorbs into affected areas of the body. Unlike other gels which are water, or petroleum based, or other synthetic cosmetic gels, natural plant aloe is the fastest and safest absorption method for deep tissue. Ceres uses its own proprietary blend of CO2 extracted cannabis oil from strains very high in cannabinoids that help deliver effective relief. Each jar contains 200mg CBD & 4mg THC.

Get it at Satori Fremont for only $30! 


HONU – Peanut Butter Cup Sativa

honu peanut butter cup cannabis infused edible mothers day 2020

honu peanut butter cups

Is mom a huge Peanut Butter and Chocolate fan? Then you’re going to want to get her a big bad of Honu’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cannabis infused Edibles! Nothing says I love you like weed, chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness! Infused with a Sativa based Cannabis strain, this decadent blend of milk and dark chocolate with creamy peanut butter is sure to please and not knock you out!

Get it at Satori Fremont 10pack for only $30!

Get it at Satori Bellingham 10pack for only $30!

Get it at Satori North Spokane 10pack for only $30!


CERES – Indica Macadamia Nut Balls

ceres indica macadamia nut balls mothers day 2020

Let mom indulge the right way. These Indica Macadamia Nut Balls by Ceres are just as delicious as they sound. Rich, creamy Macadamia nuts engulfed in high quality milk chocolate and infused with Ceres potent, pure Co2 extracted Cannabis oil! Ceres Macadamia Nut Balls are available in Sativa too, and come in single serving 10mg THC pieces or 10 packs, as well as an assortments of flavors like Indica or Sativa Malt Balls and Dragon Balls!

Get it at Satori Fremont for only (10mg) $4 & a 10 pack for only $25!



bodhi cbd skin care mothers day

This CBD Skin Care transdermal cream is a fast acting, deeply penetrating, high potency, and extremely nourishing cream. Active ingredients are coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, herb infused almond oil, vitamin E oil, eucalyptus oil, and cannabis oil. Tired, aching muscles and joint pains, scrapes and scratches, bruising, and inflammation have met their match with Bodhi Element’s CBD Skin Care.

Get it at Satori Bellingham for only (4oz) $45!

Get it at Satori North Spokane for only (2oz) $23!


BUDCO – CBD Sour Tsunami #3

For the Mom who wants to smoke and relax not get high, Budco’s CBD Sour Tsunami #3 is the way to go! With only 0.6% THC and up to 13% CBD, you won’t need to worry about getting mom high! Sour Tsunami #3 has a pungent sour and fruity smell and flavor. For a little more CBD and a sweeter flavor, try CBD Sweet Aloe with 15% CBD and 0.7% THC.


SIX FIFTHS – CBD 1:1 Chamomile Bath Bomb

Fill up your bath and get ready to slip into a blissful calming state of mind with Six Fifth’s CBD 1:1 Chamomile Bath Bomb! This 30 mg THC and 30 mg CBD bath bomb is infused with Chamomile tea and Cannabis oil. Enjoy the soothing smell and relaxation of Chamomile tea and Cannabis oil. Give your mom the ultimate at home relaxation with this bath bomb. Available in both Chamomile and Raspberry Vanilla.

Get it at Satori Bellingham for only $10!


FAIRWINDS – CBD Spectrum 1200 PM Tincture


Does mom have any trouble relaxing in the evening or falling to sleep? Check out Fairwind’s CBD Spectrum 1200 PM Tincture! Designed to be non-intoxicating while still leveraging the entourage effect. This tincture is crafted with essential oils, terpenes, herbal extracts, and a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Spectrum 1200 PM is formulated to help you release tension in your body and enjoy a calmer state of mind, supporting a relaxing day or peaceful night. Spectrum 1200 PM is designed to calm your body and mind, no matter the time of day. Formulated with linalool (the most commonly-occurring terpene in lavender flowers), this powerhouse tincture also boosts neuroprotection while reducing inflammation and settling the spirit.⁠

Get it at Satori Bellingham for only $90!

Get it at Satori Fremont for only $88!

Get it at Satori North Spokane for only $90!


LEFT HANDED – Salted Caramel Brownie Bites

left handed salted caramel brownies infused cannabis chocolate mothers day

Does Mom have a sweet tooth? Does she have a sweet green tooth? Check our Left Handed’s Cannabis infused Salted Caramel Brownies! 10mg THC brownies rich in sweet fudge delight with swirls of salted caramel. Grab Mom something she can munch on till she gets the munchies.

Get it at Satori Fremont for only $25! (10pack 100mg)

Get it at SatoriBellingham for only $25! (10pack 100mg)

Get it at Satori north Spokane for only  $25! (10pack 100mg)


Moxey’s Mints – CBD Skin Rescue Salve

mr moxeys cbd skin rescue salve

Show Mom you care with Mr. Moxey’s CBD Skin Rescue Salve! A holistic and whole earth blend of 14 herbs and essential oils is combined with CBD rich hemp oil to offer potent and effective moisturizing and hydrating nourishment to dry, itchy skin. Each batch is completely THC free so no psychoactive effect. Mr. Moxey’s Skin Rescue Salve with CBD is all-natural, handmade, and Non-GMO.

Get it at Satori Fremont for only $35

Get it at Satori Bellingham for only $36

Get it at Satori North Spokane for only $35


Canna Organix – CBD Wedding Cake


For the Mom who doesn’t smoke or eat cannabis infused edibles but still wants to benefit from what Cannabis or CBD have to offer, there are vaporizer cartridges! Wedding Cake flower also known as Pink Cookies, is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. CBD Wedding Cake Canna Organix vape cartridge offers full body effects, mental and physical relaxation, and relief of tension. Expect mellow vibes, an increase in overall chill, and a pleasant mental euphoria that is potent and long lasting.

Get it at Satori North Spokane for only $40 (1gram)

Get it at Satori Bellingham for only $45 (1gram)


Check out Satori’s Mother’s Day Sale going on Friday May 8 through Sunday May 10, 2020! Enjoy 20% Off Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, CBD Flower, and CBD Cartridges! Only at participating locations: Seattle-Fremont, Bellingham and North Spokane!

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