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Going For a Stroll? Check Out The Best Cannabis Strains for a Meditative Walk

May 18, 2020

Washington’s stay-at-home order is set to extend until early May, though there is a good chance it may go longer considering schools will be closed through the end of the school year in June.

We’re all, for the most part, stuck inside right now. Our Seattle dispensary is still open, though. Our staff continues to adhere to best practices while still providing essential services to our customers. You can read more about what we’re doing to maintain cleanliness, social distance, and safety in our store here.

With the stay-at-home order comes boredom and cabin fever for many. Luckily, the order permits engagement in outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, running, and biking. This only applies if social distancing practices are met, however.

Walks are an easy way to get exercise, clear your mind, and get a change of scenery. A nice walk around the neighborhood is a great way to keep yourself healthy and occupied during this situation, so long as you’re staying away from others.

Do you know what pairs well with a meditative walk? The answer is weed! We’ve put together a list of our favorite strains available at our Seattle dispensary to pair with a leisurely stroll.

Golden Pineapple

golden pineapple hytiva

Photo credit: Hytiva

If you’re looking for an uplifting strain to pair with a walk, Golden Pineapple is a great option. It’s an energizing sativa-dominant hybrid with sweet, citrusy flavors.

This strain has genetics from Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. Most users prefer to reach for Golden Pineapple for daytime use as it has a knack for promoting focus and stimulating the mind.

You’ll probably notice a boost in euphoria shortly after consuming Golden Pineapple, making it the perfect strain to send you off on a reflective walk.

Our Seattle Dispensary offers Golden Pineapple in Pre-rolled joints, flower, concentrate and vape cartridges. Browse our Golden Pineapple Cannabis options and Pre-Order online for easy in-store pick up HERE.

Wedding Cake

Photo credit: Leafly

Another wonderful daytime strain, Wedding Cake will certainly have you ready to venture outside and explore. It’s a well-balanced hybrid, combining the stimulating effects of Girl Scout Cookies with the relaxing effects of Cherry Pie.

Wedding Cake also known as Pink Cookies, packs a powerful cerebral punch that slowly leads to a gentle body high. Many users report feeling a heavy dose of mental stimulation followed by an overall sense of relaxation. Sometimes this relaxation can get a little overwhelming, sending users to the couch. But if you’ve already got some momentum while out walking, you should be good to go and feeling extra relaxed with this uplifting hybrid.

Check out Wedding Cake at our Fremont Pot Shop which offers Wedding Cake in Pre-rolled joints, flower, concentrate and vape cartridges. Browse our Wedding Cake Cannabis options and Pre-Order online for easy in-store pick up HERE.


Chocolope leafly

Photo credit: Leafly

It’s hard to go wrong with Chocolope! This spicy, chocolate, cream flavored hybrid is a combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The result is a flavorful, potent strain that does wonders for enhancing an afternoon walk.

While potent, many users find the effects of Chocolope to not be as intense as other hybrids. This may be a result of its well-balanced makeup or powerful terpene profile. Whatever the cause, there’s no question it’s a great choice for an afternoon stroll.

Users can expect to feel a sense of relaxation paired with enhanced mental clarity and increased focus. This is great for taking a walk as you may notice more details in your neighborhood than you have before, or come to some meaningful conclusions while reflecting on your life.

Browse our Seattle recreational weed shop menu for Chocolope Cannabis pre-rolled joints, flower, concentrates, cartridges and more HERE.


narnia soulshine weedmaps

Photo credit: Weedmaps

Believed to be a cross between Jack Herer and Trainwreck, Narnia has become a sought after and beloved strain. It’s also a wonderful addition to a walk around the block.

Narnia is a fruity hybrid with earthy, citrusy and peppery undertones. It strikes a wonderful balance between cerebral and full-body effects, allowing for a peaceful, meditative walk that is not too clouded with giggles.

The initial head rush is one that is energizing rather than sedative and slowly melts into a full-body high. Users may find themselves noticeably alert, creative, and calm during their experience.

The combination of cerebral and relaxing effects makes it the perfect companion for a solo walk. You’ll be extra stimulated and alert, while still encapsulated in a warm body high. Many users enjoy the high associated with Narnia because it allows them to be creative and get their desired “buzz” without losing control over their actions. Careful on your walk, you may just find yourself in Narnia!

You can find Narnia in Pre-rolled joints, flower, concentrate and vape cartridges and more at our Seattle weed shop! Browse our Narnia Cannabis options and Pre-Order online for easy in-store pick up HERE.

How to safely go for a walk in Seattle right now

Getting outside and exercising is an essential activity. It’s not banned right now, so long as you can maintain social distancing practices. If you can’t, there’s a problem.

Many parking lots and trailheads are closed, though. This is to keep people from congregating and breaking social distance protocols.

In fact, The Washington Trails Association said, “If you do go for a walk, do so alone or with people you already live with. And if you’re trying to decide where to go, consider this rule of thumb: if you have to drive to the trailhead, it’s probably too far.“

Walk around your neighborhood

The best way to stay safe while taking a walk is to stay nearby. Unfortunately, many people have noticed an increase in people walking/biking/running outside their homes. This can make practicing social distancing difficult.

We still encourage walkers to explore their neighborhoods. Pull out a map and see what nearby areas you’re unfamiliar with and walk to them if you can. Try to take the side roads and less populated routes available and see where you end up.

If you can’t make walking around your neighborhood work, we recommend going to a recreation area that is large and will allow for plenty of space between people.

discovery park seattleDiscovery Park is open

While the park is open, the parking lots are not. If you can make your way to Discovery Park without parking in their parking lots, you will have endless options for exercise and exploration.

After all, Discovery Park is made up of over 500 acres of land, offering plenty of space for people to stay away from one another. Take in the views, sit at the bluffs, frolic through the meadows, and of course, stay away from others.

washington park arboretumWashington Park Arboretum is open

Like Discovery Park, the Washington Park Arboretum is open right now, though the parking lots are closed. The library, Center for Urban Horticulture, and Graham Visitor’s Center are all closed as well.

So long as you’re maintaining proper social distance and not parking in the parking lots, you are good to take a meditative walk through the Washington Park Arboretum. The park is packed with beautiful plants and species to look at and identify.

Explore, but don’t take unnecessary risks

Use your best judgment when planning where to go for a walk. Around your neighborhood is best, but if it’s not possible, there are other options around. Be sure to relocate if you arrive somewhere and there are too many people around to maintain social distance.

Here is some good advice form the Washington Trails Association:

  • Go alone or with people you already live with. Right now, any public gathering is prohibited. Wash your hands when you get home before touching anything or anyone else in your household.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks. Social distancing restrictions are in place in order to lessen the pressure on medical services. Be extra vigilant and avoid injury or the need for Search and Rescue right now — their services are needed elsewhere. And please keep in mind that spring is a fickle season. As we saw last month, forest roads wash out, cars get stuck. No one ever plans on needing rescue or a tow.”

Stay safe, stay high, and don’t forget to stop by our Seattle dispensary if you need to stock up.

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