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The Best 420 Activities in Seattle’s Fremont Neighborhood

February 6, 2020

If you find yourself in Seattle’s quirky Fremont neighborhood, a stoned exploration is in order. Whether you’re unwinding from a long day at work or kickstarting a travel adventure, you can’t go wrong hanging out in the funky “Center of the Universe.” Locals and tourists love to stock up on goodies at our Fremont pot shop, conveniently located near all the fun this hip neighborhood has to offer. 

If you’ll be spending time on the north side, we’ve got you covered for a fun-filled day. We’ve pulled together a list of the best 420 activities conveniently located near our dispensary in Fremont so you don’t have to wander aimlessly. (Though that can be fun too.)

Walk along the Fremont Canal Park 

Fremont is a bustling neighborhood but it’s not hard to find some nature and solitude near our Fremont pot shop. The Fremont Canal Park is perfect for taking a relaxing stroll and reaching a meditative state in the middle of a busy city.

Located near Google and adjacent to the Burke Gilman Trail, the park’s trail follows the tranquil water of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. It’s perfect for walking and observing the many industries and lifestyles that exist in Seattle. 

fremont bridge, fremont canal

There aren’t a ton of spaces to lay down and stretch out, but there are plenty of opportunities to sit down and watch the boats and birds go by. You can pack a picnic or a deck of cards for more entertainment seated at a bench or by the water on the rocks. 

This park is mostly about views and walkability, so if you’re looking for a peaceful stroll without a lot of distractions, Fremont Canal Park is a good choice. 

Find the troll 

One of the most popular attractions in Fremont is the giant creature that lurks below the bridge. The troll, an 18-foot tall stone sculpture, has become a favorite for both tourists and locals in the area.

Whether you’re in town for the weekend or looking for something fun to do on your day off, playing tourist is a wonderful 420 activity. If you’re already exploring the area, there’s no reason to not pay a visit to the troll. Just be prepared to wait a bit during busy times. 

fremont troll, fremont art

The best part about the troll is that you don’t have to just admire (or fear) it from a distance. It’s perfect for posing. You can interact with the troll, maybe even boop its nose, as long as you remain respectful. 

Explore Gasworks Park 

If you’re looking for a walk with great views of the city and a non-traditional landscape, Gasworks Park is the place for you. Located down the street from Fremont Brewing Company, this 19-acre park offers stunning views from all directions. 

gas works park seattle

The first thing to notice when you enter Gasworks Park is the former gasification plant used by the Seattle Gas Light Company. The plant was used for 50 years by the city between the early and mid-1900s. It was later bought by the city and transformed into a park. Today, the park offers stunning views and plenty of space to walk around, fly a kite, or even sit down and have a picnic with friends. 

Take a walk through the rolling hills to find great views across the water. When you reach the top, you may find the sundial that was gifted to the city from an unknown donor alongside panoramic views of the Seattle skyline. 

Honorable mentions near our Fremont dispensary 

We encourage you to check out as much as you can when visiting the funky Fremont neighborhood. There are many hidden gems to enjoy while you’re traveling to and from each destination. 


This old-school bar is located just across the street from our Fremont pot shop. Filled with retro arcade games and plenty of pinball machines, Add-A-Ball is a must-stop for anyone looking for some classic fun. 

Add-A-Ball can get pretty packed, so stopping by during the day is a great way to beat the rush so you can play Ms. Pacman to your heart’s content. 

Theo Chocolate

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can’t skip Theo Chocolate on your Fremont exploration. 

This chocolate maker has been around for almost 15 years in the heart of Fremont, producing chocolate made from scratch with ethical ingredients. Theo even has a legacy as the first organic fair-trade certified cocoa producer in the country. 

Even if you’re not interested in the history of or work that goes into the chocolate, Theo is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth with their samples. The shop is fairly small, but they’re sure to put out a number of different samples so the public can see and taste what they’re all about. 

Ready to explore Fremont?

Spending time getting to know Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood is a must-do for locals and tourists alike. Between the roundup of our favorite 420 activities and the vibrant community that makes up the neighborhood, being bored is not an option. 

Between these outdoor hotspots, you’re bound to run into vintage shops, the record store, bookstore, bakeries, and other pastimes that are even better stoned. 

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