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The 6 Games You Need to Play While Stoned at Add-a-Ball

January 21, 2020

What To Play At Add-a-Ball

Heading out for a night of booze, weed and pinball gaming in ‘The Center Of The Universe’? Below are a list of 6 arcade games to play at Add-a-Ball and the weed strains you’ll want to blaze on before you begin, so go ahead toke up and crack those knuckles!
Add-a-Ball is a 21+ only bar.
by Satori MJ
Jan 21, 2020

The 6 Games You Need to Play While Stoned at Add-a-Ball


pac man add-a-ball, fremont arcade

Got the munchies? Well, Pac-Man does! In the world of Pac-Man you’re sure to find some comfort as Pac-Man always has the munchies! Ah Pac-Man, the arcade maze game that has you chasing pills to get away from murdering ghosts. Like Pac-Man, you’re going to want to munch away after indulging in some tasty weed from your favorite Seattle dispensary, Satori! Pac-Man pairs well with sativa strains like Super Lemon Haze by Fifty Fold. Whether you are out with friends or a stoned introvert, Pac-Man is a game for anyone! Add-a-Ball’s Pac-Man has both single player mode and is suitable for up to 4 people!  Don’t have time to roll up your own joint? Looking for an affordable pre-rolled sativa joint? Look no further than King Tut by Liberty Reach at just 4 bucks! Pre-order online at Fremont’s preferred dispensary located directly across the street from Add-a-Ball and be back munching on trippy ghosts in no time!



zeeks peek, add-a-ball, fremont arcade bar

If you’ve been into Add-a-Ball at least once, you may have noticed this old timely game sitting in the corner of the room. Zeek’s Peek is not your traditional bells and whistles type pin-ball game. Add-a-Ball’s Zeke’s Peek is a toggle titter game where you must have a steady hand to tilt the game to place the ball in designated holes. If you aren’t careful the ball will fall into the wrong hole (get your mind out of the gutter) and it will be game over! You’ll want a nice calm Indica dominant strain for this one, we recommend Lavender Kush by Raven Grass. Lavender Kush is a three-way cross of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian, with notes of (you guessed it) lavender, floral, and a spicy creamy vanilla. Lavender Kush creates a calm and collected high that will keep you in the zone and steady handed for ultimate success! Want something even stronger? Down a 25mg THC infused drink before heading to Add-a-Ball, we’re all about Ray’s lemonade.


PONG. No, Not Bong … PONG!

pong, add-a-ball, fremont arcade bar

After grabbing some top shelf weed at your favorite Fremont neighborhood dispensary, you might be so high you’re going to want something easy to play that those red eyes can handle. While Add-a-Ball is filled with intricate games, Pong takes things back to the basics. Add-a-Ball has a new and improved life-sized Pong game that is all the fun of the old-school classic with a new age twist. Similarly, the strain Lemon Cherry by Gasworks takes two classic strains; Lemon OG and Cherry Pie, and creates a brand spanking new strain called Lemon Cherry! Gasworks Lemon Cherry explodes with powerful limonene terpenes so pungent your nostrils will flare. Plus, you can now enjoy Lemon Cherry in a convenient 510 threaded C-cell cartridge in your vape pen, for those who want to get high with a bit more discreetness.



willy wonka, arcade bar, add-a-ball

When deciding what to play at Add-a-Ball, you may want to explore the wonderful world of Willy Wonka in the center of the universe (that’s Fremont, Seattle for those who aren’t following along). After smoking some bomb Seattle weed you will get lost in the world of bells, whistles, and lights in this Limited-Edition high-octane game. Willy Wonka requires stamina and precision, and Vanilla Gorilla PHO concentrate   by Skörd can get you all that and more. Vanilla Gorilla is a fantastic cross of Grease Monkey and Cookies n’ Cream, with notes of sugar, vanilla, spice and skunk. For a mere 50 cents you can get a free light show and endless entertainment, depending on your skillset. Wanna make it a wonkalicious night? Add a decadent infused chocolate to your order from our friends at Verdelux chocolates, like their Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bon Bombs! 



street fighter, add-a-ball arcade bar

Ken walks into Ryu’s favorite Seattle Pot Shop, Satori Fremont, and asks, “Can I get some Tropicanna Punch by Sky High Gardens?” Ryu replies, “Shoryuken!” Share a joint and then share a combat field. Fight to the death in this old school classic. Sky High Gardens’ Tropicanna Punch is sure to have your mind right and your hands ready to button smash, and smash you will! The competitive nature of this game will have you playing round after round for only 25 cents!



harlem globetrotters, add-a-ball, fremont seattle arcade bar

The vintage Harlem Globetrotters pinball game is a flat table machine, so no tilt on this one. While not as many lights and sounds as others, it still provides all the fun of a new pinball game. Harlem Globetrotters pairs well with just about any Cannabis strain, one of our favorites would be Afghan Peach by House of Cultivar. Afghan Peach gives you a euphoric, social, giggly high that makes any task enjoyable. Imagine yourself playing this vintage game back in its prime of 1979, the game is just as fun, and the weed is 10 times stronger!


Enjoy all that Add-a-Ball has to offer from classics to old school games with a new age twist and great atmosphere. The employees and the locals are full of stories, booze, and weed and when you ask them where to buy the best pot in Seattle they will always tell you the same thing, Satori Fremont in Seattle Washington, the Fremont dispensary! Conveniently located across the street from Add-a-Ball, in the center of the universe!

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